Fully assembled welding helmet is ready to use

Auto darkening filter (ADF) darkens instantly after detecting welding arc

Three sensitivity settings on lens works for most types of welding


The welding helmet is a sole safety equipment that is meant to protect the head, necessarily the eyes and face in numerous ways. First, the helmet prevents welding sparks from reaching the eyes and face. It also protects the eyes from the bright light and rapid changes in brightness when welding, which can both stress and harm the eyes leading to temporary or permanent eye injuries. Therefore, it is a health and safety precaution to always wear a welding helmet when welding. The 3M Speedglass Helmet 100 with dimensions of 11.5 x 10.8 x 11.8, which weighs approximately 1.4 pounds has been preferred by far as the best advanced protective helmet to use.

What We Liked

The 3M Speedglass Helmet 100 has a fully assembled auto-darkening filter which helps shield the eye and face when grinding and welding. I like the fact that it has a response to darkness and auto darkens immediately at once after noticing welding arc in the manner it is supposed to do. Furthermore, the Speedglas 100V lens features five adjustable dark shades (shades 8-12) and three sensitivity settings (for normal welding which works both indoors and outdoors; when working nearby; and also, for low-current or stable arc welding). Apart from the Stick (arc welding), it can be used with MIG (Metal Inert Gas) and TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding applications.

The helmet also has good coverage (6.05 inches square). The viewing area is outstanding as compared to other welding helmets therefore allowing the welder to see the working progress with minimal obstruction. A good clarity when welding and grinding...Not to forget, it is very comfortable when working, having two adjustable straps and a smooth ratchet system that is swivel mounted which makes easier to tighten and adjust it to fit perfectly and reduces weight pressure. Plus, it comes with a fully padded headband which reduces pressure on the head.

Made in Sweden, with the headquarters in St.Paul, Minnesota, the welding helmet comes in a classic black color. When you order, make sure you get extra inside and outside protection lens that actually fits the particular model. Remember to also keep extra batteries for back-up. The helmet is highly recommended for welding applications namely metal fabrication, assembly, mechanical and metal repair. It is also certified and is frustration-free as is regarded by many as one of the very best welding hood and least expensive helmets in the market.

What We Didn't Like

The only drawback, (zero to none) are spontaneous claims of the helmet tending to "blink", blinding you at random times, even after trying all the controls, different positions and different machines. With other frustrations narrating that the sensor is just not very well made and is of low quality, which apparently may cause blindness...

Our Verdict

Despite the lame allegations, the welding helmet is excellent with zero flashes in the eye. Don't be flash burned with a cheap helmet. A good helmet like this will save a doctor visit. The 3M Speedglas Helmet 100 is worth every penny. Buy it!