Auto darkening filter (ADF) transitions from light to dark shade in approximately .1 milliseconds after welding arc is detected

Helmet helps provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation

Flip-up feature combines auto darkening welding helmet with a protective visor

Ergonomically designed head suspension offers comfortable wear and fit

Side windows with dark shade 5 filters increase peripheral field of view


Welding is a profession that requires proper protection for your face and head from ultra violet rays and other flying particles on the welding site. This means that you need to identify a stable and reputable product that will enable you attain this level of occupational safety.

One of the most respected and trusted names in the world of welding helmets is 3M Speedglas 9100 FX welding helmet, from 3M. That is why this article is one of the best auto darkening welding helmet reviews that lucidly outline all that you need to know about this helmet in terms of pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

What We Like About The 3m Speedglas 9100 FX

As one of the best auto darkening welding helmet reviews, this masterpiece delves deep into what we like about the most outstanding pros and features of this helmet.
  • Light weight: The helmet is also available in a lightweight version for those welders who do not like to carry heavy weights.
  • Absolute protection: This helmet offers you total protection against injurious elements such as infra-red radiations, flying dust particles and ultra violet rays.
  • Comfort and convenience of usage and wearing: It is also vey comfortable to wear the helmet and hence you get to enjoy your job more. This is because the helmet’s headband has sufficient cushioning that ensures that you enjoy utmost convenience as you weld.
  • Ease of adjustment: Another beautiful feature of this helmet is that it is adjustable. It can be easily be adjusted to suit a variety of factors such as personal shape and preferences. Additionally, it comes with straps that are easy to adjust and also you can make every necessary adjustment without needing to get off your gloves.
  • Sufficient ventilation and unhindered respiration: Another beautiful pro that we like about this 3M helmet is that your breathing is well taken care of while you weld. It is designed to work well in spite of humid and foggy conditions due to it superb air-conditioning technology and capabilities.
  • A larger viewing window: Its auto darkening viewing window allows you to view your working area easily.

What We Didn't Like About The 3m Speedglas 9100 FX

Despite the many pros that we like about the helmet, below are some features that we dislike about this helmet.
  • It has a limited user scope: It is ideally designed for professional welders who engage in heavy duty welding. It offers nothing or very little for the amateur welder.
  • It is expensive: This is one of the most outstanding features that we don’t like about the helmet.

Our Verdict

This being one of the best auto darkening welding helmet reviews, we shall endeavor to make an objective verdict on this product based on what we like and dislike about it. A closer look at just some of its salient features clearly indicates that it is a great helmet worth every professional welder’s consideration and money. The scanty dislikes that we have listed above are not a “vote of no-confidence” in the helmet but rather genuine concerns that 3M can actually look into and resolve.