Grind Mode/Shut Off

1/25,000 second reaction time

Variable shade No.8-13, light state No.3

7.05 square Inch viewing area

Lightweight, durable polyamide


The Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Helmet is part of their Impact Series which features a larger lens for better visibility, multiple arc sensors increased perception, and also includes separate weld and grind modes for increased efficiency during the various stages of fabrication.

The Hobart 770756 has a lot of new features including a 1/25,000 reaction time, variable shades eight through thirteen and light state number three, 7.05 inch viewing area, sensitivity control with infinite adjustment for a range of light as well as, auto on/off capability, an interchangeable lithium battery, lightweight polyamide construction, and is certified to current safety and professional standards.

What We Liked

  • The headgear is extremely comfortable and easy to adjust. It's lightweight polyamide build means it provides good protection without being too bulky.
  • The hinges on the hood have detents so that it stays up when you want it to.
  • The helmet has a good response time and a large amount of face coverage, along with being hard hat adaptable.
  • The sensitivity is good and easy to alter when needed.
  • The auto on/off feature is a user-oriented add-on.
  • The quality is high for a fair price.

What We Didn't Like

  • The hood doesn't always stay up when flipped, and sometimes a large amount of tightening on the hinges is required in order to get it to remain in place.
  • The light adjustment is fairly sensitive, and moving it in small increments produces a large effect. When working in sunlight the sensors can be adversely affected depending on how much exposure there is, and they may have to be reset.
  • The most evident issue with the Hobart 770756 installment in the Impact Series is the lack of uniform darkness. There were multiple instances where users found that when they put it on to begin working a horizontal black bar cut through the middle of the viewing area. Even when adjustments were attempted this dark strip across the middle was still there, which was an aggravating inconvenience.
  • There was also an overtly large disparity between the levels of darkening when adjusted, despite the claim of increased flexibility in low light situations.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Hobart 770756 Impact helmet is a high quality, dependable piece of equipment at an affordable price.

Despite some of its minor flaws concerning the effectiveness of the hood's hinges and issues of uniform darkness, the helmet has far more good attributes than bad ones. It has a lightweight, comfortable construction that provides a large amount of face coverage, and a design that doesn't sacrifice any attempts at protection at the cost of convenience. It is hard hat adaptable and has easy to adjust light sensitivity.

This helmet is a good choice for those who might be new to welding and are hesitant to spend a lot on an extravagant piece of equipment, but are still keen on taking their craft seriously and safely.

This installment in the Impact Series has more than a few professional grade features and is definitely worth looking into when deciding on which helmet to purchase.