The Jackson Safety BH3 welding helmet is basically a helmet used in welding that gives you the full facial protection when welding, such that your face is protected from the sparks that are removed through the welding process. If your job is welding and you have always desired the best welding helmet, then this is the product for you. This article will provide and detail the best auto darkening welding helmet reviews, such that you can always know which helmet you need to consider when choosing a welding helmet for the job. They are made of high standards for good welding performance.


Overall Height: 12-1/4 inches

Overall Length: 9-5/8 inches

Overall Width: 9-3/4 inches

Five year warranty

Features Of The Jackson Safety BH3 Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety BH3 welding helmet is a high class welding helmet that comes with a high visibility and superior view angle that helps you to be able to see better with a high visibility feature. It is also light in weight and comfortable, structured with a round perimeter for comfortable wear. It also boasts of a curved front cover that reduces the heat produced from the welding activity, and also provides better reflections for the task. It is also equipped with an aerodynamic shell that deflects the fumes better than the previous models. It also comes with three headgear adjustments that make it easy to configure and it can therefore suit a variety of welders and welding tasks.

What We Liked About BH3 Welding Helmet

  • As compared to other helmets, the Jackson Safety helmet is an effective and high class helmet for its worth. It boasts of durability for its respective task, high visibility as well as offering the ultimate protection from any harm during the welding process. This helmet also boasts of balder technology that helps it to be more effective than before for its specific assigned tasks. It is equipped with a high-density protective shell that protects the wearer's face,forehead from any harm that may come from sparks or spatters that may arise from the welding process.

What We Didn't Like About The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety BH3 Helmet does not come with a grind setting that enables it to function perfectly as a protective for the grinding tasks.
  • It is only equipped with two sensors, which may not be enough, especially if one is in tight spaces, and they can both get blocked which will be frustrating.
  • The price may be a bit high for the helmet, as compared to other helmets, according to a customer review. Hence this may cause some people to prefer the other helmets.

Our Verdict

Based on its quality, durability as well as performance, the Jackson Safety BH3 Welding helmet is the best for its job. This is because it provides effective services, providing the most effective protection of the whole face from the weld sparks or any other harm that may be caused. They are also lightweight, a feature that most customers are happy about.We would therefore recommend it as the best option for welding protection in any welding task that you would want to do. It is also worth the money, even if it may be costly in some regions. It is definitely worth getting.