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This is our winning welding helmet.

It has all of the features we could have asked for and has a fantastic feel about it.

The price is on point.

This particular welding helmet as a 4.8 star review on Amazon.


Welding is one of the most risky, unhealthy and dangerous jobs if one has no proper knowledge of the safety precautions to be taken. Most of the welding processes involve arc flame and this means that the face is at the risk of burning. However, welding is one of the most wonderful jobs which is highly demanding and profitable as well. People take welding as a hobby while others as a profession.

For safety and precaution purposes, it calls for the need for welders to wear an helmet when performing their work. If in need of a good helmet, you should worry no more because Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet is here to solve your welding problems. This helmet has so far the best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews.

Lincoln electric helmets are durable and they more so reduce the risk of injury significantly. They also allow for high quality work taking care of the welder's safety hence effective work. They are designed to offer the welder optimal protection of the eyes. This helmet will protect the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet emissions which are usually emitted during the welding process. Exposure to these emissions leads to damage of the cornea which with time can lead partial or total blindness.

Specifications of the Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet

It has a perfect optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/1.It contains the widest Viking view port.It has a shade settings of 6 – 13 with internal control.

Offers a pivot style headgear hence very comfortable. It contains a replaceable lithium battery. It contains 4 sensors technology which reduces eye strain and improves visibility.

It weighs 21 ounces/ 595 grams hence very light to use.

What We Liked About The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet

  • This helmet gives the welder a very large viewing area thus he/she will not have to strain the eyes. Having Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet is the most superior choice a welder can ever make. There has been claims that this helmet will improve the welder's capabilities. With no doubts, it will since with this helmet, the welder will always be ready to begin his/her work. You will not need to lower your shield as it is with the traditional helmets. Another good thing with this helmet is that, it is very comfortable to wear thus no fatigue hence you can work all day long.
  • This helmet also provides total safety of the eyes. The 4 sensors take care of the welder's eyes such that they are completely protected from the arc flames. The Shade darkens in about 1/25000 of a second. This helmet is non-comparable with any other and it will give the welder quality service.

What We Didn't Like About The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet

  • The only problems with Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet is that the shiny black outer surface scratches with time but this is a minor problem considering the quality service it offers. This problem however, cannot affect the performance of this superior helmet.

Our Verdict

If you are a welder, own a welding firm or your in the eve of starting a welding firm, Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet is the best choice for you. This helmet is one of the kind that will never disappoint you. Many customers have been satisfied with the service it gives hence this product has been one of the most selling product. It is very affordable and durable at the same time.